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Innovative polymer implants for sternum and rib repair and reconstruction. Silicone implants for chest wall contour restoration.

StarPore® Thoracic Implant Patient Specific

The unique properties of Anatomics’ proprietary StarPore® polymer tissue scaffold make it the ideal next generation material for reconstruction of the sternum and ribs. The material is strong yet highly porous and flexible: perfect for chest wall applications.

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StarPore® has been used in the following chest wall applications:
  1. Partial sternum repair (failed median sternotomy, partial resection)
  2. Full sternum and costal cartilage replacement
  3. Cancer resection and reconstruction
  4. Multi-level rib reconstruction

Silicone Thoracic Implant Patient Specific

Anatomics can help surgeons correct chest wall and soft tissue contour defects with the use of a permanent silicone implant. The implants are derived from the patient’s own CT scan to accurately contour the implant prior to surgery. Anatomics can compensate for any overlying soft tissue changes and manufacture to the surgeon’s specific measurements and requirements. Conditions such as Poland Syndrome and Pectus Excavatum are suited for treatment with this implant.

  1. Patient specific to fit the chest wall
  2. Made from surgical grade solid silicone with FDA, ISO 13485 and CE certifications
  3. A range of durometer to choose from
  4. Suture tabs can be included in the design to assist with fixation
  5. With or without texture
  6. Provided sterile

Surgical Templates Surgical Tool

Surgical Templates are designed by Anatomics engineers to assist the surgeon in confirming the fit of an Anatomics implant in certain cases. Existing tissue at the surgical site area may need modification to achieve optimal implant fit. A Surgical Template acts as a proxy for the implant to allow the surgeon to prepare the donor site appropriately. This reduces handling and potential contamination of the actual implant.

Thoracic Template Guide

BioModel Surgical Tool

BioModels are an anatomical model derived from the patient's CT scan data to provide tactile representation of the patient’s anatomy and condition. In chest reconstruction surgery, BioModels have utility in informed consent, planning the sequence of surgery, confirming implant designs, and confirming the correct orientation and placement of implants during surgery.

Thoracic BioModel
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