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Innovative surgical instruments and guides for both minimally invasive and open spinal surgery. CT-based BioModel replicas for surgical planning and navigation. Patient-specific 3D printed titanium implants.

3D Printed Titanium Cage & Plate Patient Specific

Patient specific titanium spine cages and plates can be fabricated individually from CT data to allow surgeons to restore the natural alignment of the spine and assist fusion in cases where a standard off-the-shelf implant is not suitable. These implants can be designed for either anterior or posterior fusion or vertebral corpectomy. The implants can accommodate a range of fixation screws, both locking and non-locking. Drill guides and BioModels can be supplied to assist with surgical planning and implant deployment and fixation.


Surgical Tool

The Anatomics SpineTube is a patient specific surgical tool for minimally invasive spine surgery. The unique 3D printed nylon tissue retractor and dilator set is used to provide clear access to the lumbar spine and eliminates the need for expensive and inconvenient retractors and clamping systems as it is fixated directly onto the spine using single screw. SpineTube has proven results in reducing operating time, intra-operative x-ray use, complication rates and re-operation rates.

SpineGuide Surgical Tool

Anatomics SpineGuide are patient specific surgical tools designed for spinal surgery to assist with accurate positioning of screws. Screw vectors are pre-planned by Anatomics with the surgeon using remote C3D collaboration and patient CT data for one or more spinal levels. Each SpineGuide is then designed around the approved screw vectors and 3D printed in biocompatible nylon. The devices are bone matched to contact points on the spine to guide the positioning of the fixation screws.

BioModel Surgical Tool

BioModels are an anatomical model derived from the patient's CT scan data to provide tactile representation of the patient’s anatomy and condition. BioModels may assist with diagnosis and precise planning of the sequence of surgery. Clinical data shows BioModels reduce total surgery time and therefore reduce patient exposure to anaesthetics and blood loss. In spinal surgery, BioModels have demonstrated utility in complex cases, including: tumour resection, severe scoliosis, other congenital abnormalities, minimally invasive approaches.


SpineBox is an innovative, customised kit that uses individual patient CT scan data to create patient specific devices and pre-plan the selection of spinal fusion hardware in both open and minimally invasive spinal surgery. In minimally invasive approaches (such as TLIF) each SpineBox can include pre-selected standard fusion hardware with a patient specific SpineTube to access the surgical site. In open surgical approaches the pre-selected hardware is bundled with patient specific bone anchored SpineGuides for pedicle screw placement. An exact BioModel replica of the spine can also be supplied to assist with informed consent, surgical planning and intra-operative navigation.

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