AnatomicsRx Solutions provides a step-by-step wizard to electronically request a quote and place orders for Patient Specific Implants and Surgical BioModels from medical scan data. This interface makes ordering simple and removes the need to send discs in the mail or complete paper requests. The web portal is a secure DICOM uploader that allows surgeons, radiographers, nurses, practice managers and general medical staff to upload multiple CT and MRI scan data for the purpose of the order.

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Secure Data

Data security is pivotal for Anatomics and AnatomicsRx Solutions uses the latest HIPAA compliant encryption techniques to ensure data is secure both during transmission and at rest

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The user-friendly platform makes patient specific device ordering easy and efficient with improved accuracy and turn-around time

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Patient Specific Implants historically involve significant development time for all parties. AnatomicsRx Solutions provides tools to promote collaboration and sharing of ideas during the design process

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Comprehensive Support

We work closely with our customers to provide a high standard of support, prompt bug fixes and remote troubleshooting

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Anatomics offers “AnatomicsC3D”: collaborative online services for surgeons to view CT scan data and facilitate implant design for complex cases.


An interactive online service that provides a platform to remotely collaborate with Anatomics engineers. Surgeons and other parties can “join” the interactive session to remotely share the screen with an Anatomics engineer and discuss the implant design. There is no software to install at the hospital or the surgeon’s computer, an internet connection is that’s needed.

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Personalised Healthcare

AnatomicsRx is pioneering community-based personalised healthcare and invites you to explore our "personalised healthcare platform".
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An internal innovation platform that facilitates communication and prioritisation of ideas.

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The use of data from implantable and wearable devices to formulate therapeutic interventions.

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Guiding metrics to show what works. Hospitals can use Metrics to determine best practices and evolve better practices

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A platform where best practice is implemented and where better practices are evolved.

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An educational hub for research and advancement.

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