Surgical Applications

Anatomics manufactures a range of medical devices for surgical applications. These include both patient-specific and standardised off-the-shelf (OTS) surgical implants and tools. Our patient-specific products are based on individual patient medical imaging data supplied by the referring surgeon and include permanent surgical implants and surgical tools such as Surgical Templates, BioModels, Cutting Guides and Drill Guides for cranial and skeletal applications. Our OTS product range is growing with our innovative SkullPro® contoured cranial cover and standardised StarPore® implant shape range leading the way. Our OTS DuraShield® dural cover implant is currently pending FDA approval. Innovative patient-specific options for orthopaedic and chest reconstruction enable difficult surgeries with bespoke solutions.
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Precise, proven solutions for cranial reconstruction. Choose from three materials for patient-specific implants (clear acrylic, porous polyethylene or titanium mesh).

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Spinal Applications Overview Image


Innovative surgical instruments and drill guides for both minimally invasive and open spinal surgery. CT-based BioModel replicas for surgical planning and navigation. Patient-specific 3D printed titanium implants.

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Facial Applications Overview Image


Advanced polymer tissue scaffolds for facial reconstruction and augmentation. Pre-plan surgery and pre-shape implants with Anatomics technology.

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Orthopaedic Applications Overview Image


Patient-specific 3D printed titanium implants for complex cases. Precision surgery with osteotomy guides, drill guides. CT-based BioModel replicas for surgical planning and navigation.

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Thoracic Applications Overview Image


Innovative polymer implants for sternum and rib repair and reconstruction. Silicone implants for chest wall contour restoration.

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Thoracic Applications Overview Image

Surgical Kits

Surgical kits are designed in conjunction with surgeons to include components that facilitate planning, surgical exposure and guidance and required prosthetic devices.

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