Wesley College students prototyping with BioModels
8th November 2023

Build a Body Part course launched at Wesley College

In a newly formed pioneering initiative, Anatomics has joined forces with Wesley College to introduce secondary students to the cutting-edge world of biomedical engineering. Through this unique collaboration, students are now crafting and 3D printing prosthetic body parts utilising the cloud-based AnatomicsRx Diversity software to engage in the 'Build a Body Part' program – a global first in secondary education.

Year 10 students from Wesley College prototyping their own implants with a BioModel
Year 10 students from Wesley College prototyping their own implants with a BioModel

Our relationship with Wesley College began in 2016, marking the start of a new educational journey. We provided Wesley students with the unique opportunity to 3D print their own cranial BioModel of ‘The Hobbit’, an early human ancestor believed to be a crucial link in human evolution. This invaluable specimen, found by Australian and Indonesian scientists, gave students an incredible hands-on experience with state-of-the-art technology.

This year, in collaboration with Wesley educators, we launched the innovative subject ‘Build a Body Part’ for Year 10 students. Over two terms, students gained exposure to real-world medical diagnostic and treatment processes for cranial and thoracic issues, working closely with our team of engineers. This subject is a fusion of biology, technology, mathematics, design, and innovation, encouraging students to exercise their critical thinking and apply their knowledge to tackle intricate medical engineering challenges.

This subject has opened my eyes to the real-life problems and medical issues people experience. It’s important to learn about how technology can be used to enhance people’s lives alongside medical solutions.
Year 10 student excursion to Anatomics Headquarters in Bentleigh East, Melbourne
Year 10 student excursion to Anatomics Headquarters in Bentleigh East, Melbourne

To bolster this educational experience, students gained access to our AnatomicsRx Diversity learning portal. Developed by our team and enriched by feedback from Wesley educators, this platform allows students to delve into patient profiles, medical scans, and 3D patient files. Their journey culminated in designing prosthetic implants and engineering them for 3D printing, based on actual real-world data. We were also thrilled to host these young minds at our Anatomics facility for an excursion, inspiring several to contemplate careers in MedTech.

After we visited Anatomics, it opened up our minds to the different career pathways available. I wasn’t aware of the huge industry behind the design and manufacturing of implants, but now it’s something I may consider as a career path.
Build a Body Part Pitch Night 2023 with Anatomics at Wesley College
Build a Body Part Pitch Night 2023 with Anatomics at Wesley College

A major highlight of the course was the pitch night. Here, students showcased their individual projects to a distinguished panel of experts from Anatomics. The panel included Prof. Paul D’Urso, Executive Chairman and renowned neurosurgeon and innovator, Vice President of Software Engineering Andrew Vyas, Vice President of Custom Manufacturing Yael Mijares, and Vice President of Production Jorge Sanchez. Awards were presented to students with the best design and the most innovative solutions.

The event received positive feedback from students, parents, educators and panellists. Prof. Paul D’Urso, voiced his thoughts: "Integrating advanced biomedical engineering into secondary education was ambitious, but the results speak for themselves. We are deeply committed to our partnership with Wesley, and it's our sincere hope that students gain insights into the vast potential of advanced manufacturing within the Australian MedTech sector."

Highlighting the significance of the program for the broader educational context, Andrew Vyas, VP of Software Engineering, said, “Engaging students in STEM fields is crucial. These sectors hold the keys to addressing global challenges. By igniting passion in these young minds, we're shaping the next generation of innovators."

Pitch Night panelists at Wesley College
Night Night panelists (from left to right): Mrs. Yael Mijares, Mr. Jorge Sanchez, Mr. Andrew Vyas and Prof. Paul D'Urso

Through this visionary collaboration between Anatomics and Wesley College, the potential of merging industry expertise with academic curiosity has been fully realized. This partnership not only illuminates the path for future educational innovations but also paves the way for the next generation to make impactful contributions to MedTech.

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