Gloved hand holding Anatomics StarPore Thoracic Implant
15th November 2021

Thoracic Reconstructive Surgeries with StarPore® Thoracic Implants

Innovative medical device manufacturer Anatomics Pty Ltd announces the world first use of revolutionary StarPore® polymer tissue scaffold for thoracic reconstructive surgery in Australia, USA, UK, Singapore, Portugal and New Zealand.

More than 20 patients from across the globe are living with a new ribcage made from a revolutionary material developed by Australian company, Anatomics Pty Ltd.


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StarPore Thoracic Implant being placed in surgery
Courtesy of Dr Michael Worthington

StarPore® is a strong, flexible and porous material that allows the body’s cells and tissues to grow into it – unlike traditional, impermeable, implant materials.

StarPore® is the only porous high-density polyethylene polymer used to replace and repair people’s ribcages that are damaged by trauma, tumours or infection.

Anatomics founder Professor Paul D’Urso said custom ribcage reconstruction was a world-first application of the material, which has now revolutionised the way these surgeries are performed. Previously surgeons used bone cement and wires to reconstruct the ribcage whilst the patient was on the operating table.

StarPore® is unique because it becomes ‘alive’ within weeks, as the patient’s own cells grow into the strong, flexible porous scaffold. StarPore® is also invisible on x-rays and scans, so that doctors can easily monitor the patient after surgery

Professor Paul D'Urso (Neurosurgeon & Founder of Anatomics)

Anatomics is the world pioneer of ribcage reconstruction – having created the world’s first 3D-printed titanium ribcage for a Spanish patient in 2014. The company has since perfected the technology, which led to the first StarPore® ribcage in May 2019 for a patient in Singapore. The StarPore® ribcages have been successfully implanted in 24 patients in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Singapore, Portugal and the UK.

3D model for the design of a StarPore Thoracic Implant
3D design for an Anatomics StarPore® Thoracic Implant.

The StarPore® implant allowed our patient to do things we take for granted whether it's driving a car, bending over to pick something up, just taking a deep breath. I think it's amazing we can do this surgery using Australian technology. This was very personalised surgery, nothing off the shelf.

Dr Michael Harden (Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Royal North Short Hospital Australia)

Learn more about Dr Harden's thoracic reconstruction using a custom StarPore® thoracic implant:

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